Stubben Rubber Pelham

Stubben Rubber Pelham


Code:ST BIT 2242

A Rubber covered, Single-Jointed Pelham
Sold with curb chain
Mouthpiece diameter 16mm
Shank length 5cm

Benefits of the Pelham Bit Rubber Covered Mouth:
 Soft and comfortable in the horse’s mouth 
Allows gentle yet effective sensitive aid 
Enables easier communication between horse and rider
 The Stübben jointed rubber Pelham has a thickness in the mouthpiece of only 16mm, which is thinner than most commercial rubber bits that are normally about 20mm or more. The thinner mouthpiece minimises the chance of rubbing and sits more comfortably in the horse’s mouth.
 Rubber covered bits are not suitable for horses that like to chew on the bit with their teeth as otherwise the rubber cover could easily be damaged.

Benefits of the Pelham bit:
Can be used with one or two reins
Pull and leverage effect can be applied as required

Special Benefits of the Cheeks:
The special features of a Stubben STEELtec Pelham are its short shanks of only 5cm. This reduces the leverage, but allows a quicker, more direct action between reins and mouthpiece.
The immediate response is especially helpful when show jumping, particularly if the course has many tight turns.
The flat curb chain hooks prevent the horse's lips from being pinched.
Furthermore, our curb chain with its flat hooks is easier to adjust to the horse's chin groove.

Stubben Steeltec quality:
No rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth.
Long durability due to selected materials
A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer

Price: $274.95
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